Who is behind BUTTNER?

Véronique Buttner is a lover of snow sports, of her mountains and of life’s true pleasures. She started as a high-level skier, then managed hotels and restaurants. In 2016, she gathered all her passions and created BUTTNER, a generous ski brand, sincere and reliable. A brand looking to provide simple pleasures as well as an exceptional technical approach.

Véronique Buttner knows better than anyone that skis are not just any product. They are a subtle mix of technicity and emotions, of delicate movements and thrills. They must provide almost immediately a feeling of freedom. She imagined her brand with the ambition to gather a community of epicureans who are capable of vibrating with a grand chef, a grand wine or with grand skis.

Born and raised in Haute-Savoie, in the French Alps, she also found her inspiration in the traditions of neighboring Switzerland and Italy. She used her instinct to create skis that resemble her – they are simple but with a lot of character. They are the fruit of a rigorous selection of raw materials. There is a lot of respect and attention put towards the choice of the meticulous cut of the trees. The skis are designed in an artisanal way and are created in the tradition of the Savoie region, always under the caring eye of Véronique Buttner. Year after year, she imagines minimalist collections… that gives everybody wings!