The best knowledge of the Alps

A unique print

The skis BUTTNER are the perfect mix of precision and creativity. They are mostly designed to give a simple and intense feeling of pleasure, immediately and without complex. Those skis have no intention to mess with your sentiments, because they are proud of their elegant line, their inspired design and their recognized technicity. Far from it actually – they will slide down along your side through your life, not just for a slope or two.

Noble fabrics

BUTTNER offers a simple and refined collection, inspired from natural fabrics that are carefully chosen – noble woods such as beech tree, poplar tree, or bamboo – all coming from sustainably managed forests – as well as finishing touches. The skis follow the standards and requirements of high-level competition.

Refined boxes

It is essential for Véronique Buttner that the products are mastered from start to finish – from conception to production, through communication and sales. To distribute her products, she selected the best specialists coming from the alpine world, such as Jean Blanc in Courchevel, Gérard Mattis in Val d’Isère, the Front brothers in Méribel, Philippe Roux in Verbier and Annie Famose in Avoriaz.